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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Drama at Hawaii People's Fund Annual Dinner

EIP, as a Hawaii People's Fund grantee, was invited to show our wares and join in at their Annual Dinner this past Saturday. A table display was readied for the pre-dinner showed and tell. During the dinner I also collected beverage empties as attendees finished them - done both as a performance of uncanny labor as well as a way to pragmatically channeling the remains of the $5/$6 beers to the needy just outside the building.

Toward the end of the night, one of the caterer's bartenders made me to stop collecting bottles. I told her the collecting is a part of a HPF supported project. She said it doesn't matter because the bottles belong to her boss. I said I thought that when we purchase a beer for $5/6 we got the bottle with it. She said, "No, just the liquid inside." That they recycle and the money redeemed belongs to her boss. They even took all the ones I collected back.

The redemption price of all the bottles I collected couldn't have been more than $5. Even me alone tipped them more than that last night.

There you have it. The middle man once again shows her face. Ever ready to defend the big man.

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