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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hawaii Kai Little League Baseball Tournament - Opening Day

A few months ago Laurie Downing saw one of the HI-5 bins at Koko Head Park. I think this bin was placed there by Tere Castro. Anyway Laurie got the idea to have a bunch of bins ready for the Little League Baseball Competition this year, and for them to stay up permanently. Since Parks+Rec tends to remove our bins, she worked concertedly with them for official approval. They were fairly supportive except they wanted all wire edges protected.

Asking permission is not typical for Eating in Public (we never ask because we don't believe anyone has the authority to grant or deny us) but CHEERS for Laurie. In her own words,

"Opening day went very well. We made an announcement to the whole Hawaii Kai Baseball community about the bins and to please kokua. The bins were VERY well received. Folks were excited. And the bins were being well used. BTW, we went back to duct tape to cover the rough edges. They ended up working better than the clips. Attached are some pics. Carlise (Peter) was there to throw out the first pitch. Hope to work w/ you again and that we are given the opportunity to expand the program after 6 months. Thanks so much for your support. People were blown away w/ the fact that your organization donated all the materials for the bins."

[Actually the donation came from Hawaii People's Fund, where we got the grant.]