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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Step 5 - Castle High School Back Story

In January 2009, a teacher at Castle High School in Kaneohe asked for several bins to place across their campus. She said that a group of them is sick and tired of seeing recyclable beverage containers dumped into the trash. We gave them 10. The system was immediately successful. Cans and bottles got left in the bins instead of trash cans. Cans and bottles disappeared. Magic.

However, a couple of teachers began to see the vanished cans as vanished cash. Since it was presumed that it was probably the groundskeepers or custodians who picked them up, the disgruntle thought this 'unfair.' They want to control this system of free exchange. They are thinking of crossing out the [TAKE] and [WHATEVAS] part of the signs - thereby turning the anarchic bins into private property (!) that only a chosen few will manage.

So the bins at Castle High are currently in the midst of controversy and we have been invited to attend a meeting.