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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

bin making demonstration for Mary Babcock's performance class


  1. mahalo for showing us! i planted a bin we made outside starbucks manoa, and after a few steps i saw there was already one between the town's thrash cans! i think i'll move the one i planted today and send updates :)
    keep on digging!
    ciao ciao, cat

  2. Cat, I think the bus stop right across from Starbuck could use one. Let me know if you need new ZIP ties. G

  3. yes! how can i get them? i'll send you my contact info by email. i was thinking of moving it on the other side, out between coffee bean & tea leaves and safeway.

  4. i put one right on campus across from the student center/ end of main pathway, i have a photo and i'd post if i could figure my phone out! looking forward to furthering this project.