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Friday, September 16, 2016

photo documentation

This blog serves as a partial documentation of EATING IN PUBLIC's HI-5 project. We have not added posts since the Honolulu City and County's Environmental Services (ENV) officially adopted it, which has allowed us to move to other projects. Do check us out the previous posts and NOMOOLA.COM

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lui Nautu Rules!!!

In May 2011, Lui Nautu got in touch with us about wanting to put up some bins at bus stops around Kokololio Beach Park, Hau'ula and Laie. Lui was taking this on as his Eagle Scout project. During the year and 3 months that has since passed, Lui stuck to his plan, working with the City and Parks+Recreation to get official permission. While this is not Eating in Public's Modus Operandi we applaud Lui for his tirelessness and stick-to-it spirit.

He recently succeeded what seemed nearly impossible. The City and County finally agreed with the caveat that a "Recycle Only" sign be added to the bins, which Lui accomplished with his troop (Troop 59).

Lui has this to say about the experience, "The recycling bins have finally been put at bus stops at Kokololio Beach Park, Hau'ula and Laie bus stops. All those that have trash cans! I have two things that I want to tell you. About 20 minutes after we were done setting up the recycling bins, we saw a guy digging in one of the trash cans. We thought he looked like he was homeless. After he was done digging we noticed that there was a bunch of stuff in the recycling bin. We thought ok, he might of have put rubbish in the bin just to get to the cans and bottles. So, we went over to check. To our surprise the bin was full of redeemable bottles and cans that he had left for others. This really showed us something about the homeless. We thanked him! 

The second thing was a guy came up to us and asked who's idea was this to put these things around here. My mom told him that it was me. He said he thought that it was a great idea to do it! Thank you for helping me to complete my Eagle Scout Project! Mahalo!"

You go Lui!!! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hawaii Kai Little League Baseball


More at Hawaii Kai Park. Just in time for the 2012 Little League Baseball Tournament.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Margot in Makiki - Kewalo and Heulu

Just installed and, "the neighbors are already putting it to good use. Now we don't have grocery bags of cans & bottles laying around for people to pick up."

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Workshop at Kapolei Farmers Market, organized by Malama Learning Center/Kapolei High School

EIP was invited to do a workshop at Kapolei Farmers Market. Besides the folks on the blog title, we were joined by folks from Kanu Hawaii, Kokua, and City and County's Department of Environmental Services, and quite a number of students of Kapolei HS.

We succeeded in making about 30 bins and distributing about 25. Hopefully this will change the look of our bin map, which sadly includes no dots in the Kapolei area.

See story on the workshop by Kasha Ho of Kanu Hawaii.